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The "After Burn" Effect

The “After Burn” Effect Today after the cardio session I was asked: Question: "why do we combine weights 3 day a week with cardio twice a week when I sweat a lot more during the cardio sessions and burn more calories"

Answer: The “After Burn” effect is the period of time that your body continues to burn calories after your workout which can last anywhere from 24- 48 hours!

So how can you get the benefits of the "After Burn" effect? The answer is simple. The "After Burn" comes with the intensity of your workout. Therefore, the more intense your workout is, the greater the "After Burn" effects..

There are a number of variables which can increase the intensity of a workout. They are load (amount of weight used), rest intervals, and speed. Studies have shown that the "After Burn" effects last a lot longer after an intense weight lifting session. The next best form of exercise for the "After Burn" effect is interval training. LSD or Long Slow Duration sits at the bottom of the list. This is why Female Personal Trainer Marbella has taken this information into consdieration to design the 28 day body challenge. So the program has been designed for strength training on Monday, Wednesday, Friday to produce the highest "After Burn"effect burning maximum calories. Tuesday and Thursdays will see the program follow the 2nd most effective combination for the "After Burn" effect of high intensity interval training, tabata and circuit training. All in all this type of programming we help achive maximum results in minium time whilst stimulating the whole body daily.

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